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Faraway Sky DE5942
Student Designers
The World Is your canvas
Whether you're delving into color or learning about paint, all the information you need is right here.
Colorful Vibes
Blue skies, pink flowers, overpriced yet obviously essential avocado toast. In design, color’s underlying associations can make or break a room’s emotional subtext. That’s right. We’re talking about feelings here. Guess it’s time for a mood board. LEARN MORE
Flash of Orange
Take a closer look at 2,006 of your favorite Perfect Palette colors. Browse by color family, popular hues and curated collections to find your perfect hue. Each color also highlights a preset trim and accent color to get you started on the path of color palette selections. Learn more
Introducing Then, Now & Forever®, a curated collection of 300 colors — 142 historically accurate colors and 158 trending hues. Learn more
Browse the latest color and design trends. Learn more
Green is the New Everything
We’re on a mission to provide the best performing paint, while conserving energy and resources, reducing waste and protecting human health and safety.
is Serious
When it comes to hiring and working with paint professionals, knowing how to work on jobsites and with contractors is key to successful painting projects.
Understanding the value of education and training is key to creating successful design professionals. From paint problems and solutions to continuing your education through CEU courses, here you’ll find a range of go-to paint 101 resources to enhance your educational and professional development. Learn more
Dunn-Edwards knows color is critical in your line of work. Perfect Palette® is designed to offer a complete range of colors so it’s easier for you to create your vision. Since choosing the right colors requires the right tools, Perfect Palette makes it simple to go from tool to tool, to help you select the perfect colors, every time. Available only for qualified design professionals. Learn more
Rose Fusion
Discover More
Your Majesty
Order Color Samples
Access the entire Perfect Palette color system, reference and compare colors online, and order color cards and chips all from the comfort of your couch.
Beautiful Blue
Download Color Palettes
Take your designs to the next level with these easy-to-use swatch and color book files compatible with Photoshop, AutoCAD and similar software.
Download Product Data Sheets
Most paint is opaque, but the data on it shouldn’t be. Our product data sheets provide everything you need to know about our paints, from technical specifications to finish schedules.
Fresh Cataloupe
Product Specification Guide
Get the proper coating system recommendations for 13 project types ranging from CHPS to Tract Homes based on the exterior or interior substrate.
Space Out
With Specs+Spaces
Get inspired every week with stories on color, design and architectural trends, paint technology and a myriad of other topics for designophiles in our specs+spaces blog.LEARN MORE
Jade Mountain
& News
Submit your best work to our annual design competition & read more about our latest news and developments.
Rosy Cheeks