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Cobalt DEA140
Exceptional stain resistance
Exceptional Stain Resistance
The deluxe properties of EXQUISITE will shield your walls and keep staining agents in check.With a few wipes of a sponge, those stubborn stains will disappear with ease.
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Exceptional washability
White Blossom DET677
Exceptional Washability
With EXQUISITE, you will never rub your walls the wrong way. It’s formulated to keep the color right where you painted it the first time, even after repeated cleaning.
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Antiquarian Gold DET485
Exceptional Scuff Resistance
Exceptional Scuff Resistance
The beautifully painted walls of your home can only take so much scuff.The revolutionary technology in EXQUISITE makes it tough on scuff and protects your walls from marks and scratches that come with everyday life.
White Blossom DET677
Exceptional burnish
Exceptional Burnish and Color Rub-off Resistance
Your wall color is only as good as the paint that protects it. The shine left behind after a good cleaning can make your wall an eye-catching masterpiece for all the wrong reasons. EXQUISITE will preserve the wall’s first, true color and make fading a thing of the past.
Classic White DEHW08
Green is the New Everything
We’re on a mission to provide the best performing paint, while conserving energy and resources, reducing waste and protecting human health and safety.
Color is Serious Business
When decorating a space, nothing can be more important than selecting the right color. Color creates ideas, sparks interest, and generates emotion. Color intelligence is key to helping select the right hue and using color effectively in design. Increase your color confidence with the right tools and services to inspire you on your next project.
Polished Aqua DE5724
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