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Expertly Crafted to Endure Life's Moments

EXQUISITE® Matte is a deluxe interior, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic matte paint designed with ChromaStay® Technology which is a combination of proprietary technologies, including Ceramic Technology, that makes it truly washable while being stain, scuff, burnish and color rub-off resistant. EXQUISITE Matte is easy to apply and is ideal for use on high-end custom residential and premier commercial projects where ultra-low VOC products are preferred. It is extremely durable for homes, schools, hospitals, commercial spaces and other high-traffic areas.

  • Exceptional washability and stain resistance
  • Exceptional scuff resistance
  • Exceptional burnish and color rub-off resistance
  • Exceptional application properties
  • Exceptional wet & dry hide

Available in all Perfect Palette colors. Also available in stock classic white and stock black.

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Family Room
Kid's Room
Kitchen & Bath*
These are commonly used gloss levels for surfaces listed above. Gloss may be affected by texture, porosity of the surface and atmospheric conditions. Please contact a Dunn-Edwards representative or your local store for specific product availability. *Kitchen and bath walls only.
See the EXQUISITE® difference for yourself
Household Stain Removal Test

EXQUISITE® has outstanding stain resistance compared to competitive products. Stain resistance is the ability of a paint to resist the staining effect of different types of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic stains

Test Method:
The test film is applied using a 7 mil dow bar on a Leneta vinyl/scrub chart. The paint is then allowed to dry for 7 days at ambient conditions. After the 7 days curing time, the common household stains (hydrophobic & hydrophilic) are applied using a standardized template to create the grids for each stain to be applied on. Next, each stain is applied accordingly and following the same standard procedure to make sure every panel is stained the same way. The stains are then allowed to soak for 2 hours before actual removal of stain. Next, the Gardco washability tester is loaded with a sponge presoaked in 10 ml of 50:50 ratio of Fantastik to water solution. The test is run for 100 cycles and evaluated for amount of stain removed.

Mustard, Fress Coffee, Grape Juice, Spaghetti Sauce Pencil, Lipstick, Crayon
Scuff/Mar Resistance Test

EXQUISITE® outperforms competitor products in scuff/mar resistance which can be defined as the physical damage that typically occurs within a few micrometers of the surface of the topcoats; this is commonly the cause for change in appearance seen on the paint coatings. It is the blemish on the surface of a coating, extending over a particular area of the coating and is visible due to the difference in the light reflection properties of the affected areas compared to adjacent areas.

Test Method:
On a 2’X2’ or similar unprimed drywall divided into two sections, 2 coats of the test paint and competitor are applied using a roller with 3/8” nap. The paint is then allowed to dry for 7 days at ambient conditions. Next, using a different material run a mar resistance test by holding the objects at an angle against the painted surface and running it down or across the painted surface with a constant pressure and speed. After test is completed, assess the panel for the degree of mar/scratch visibility of each material tested. Lastly, using a sponge soaked with Fantastik solution clean the marked middle section of the panel with the intent to show the ease of removing the different scuff marks.

Scuff/Mar Resistance Test
Color rub-off resistance test

EXQUISITE® has outstanding color rub-off resistance when compared to competitor products. Color rub-off resistance is the ability of a paint to resist the transfer of color when rubbed with porous material such as cloth or paper. A good color rub-off resistant paint will contain quality pigments to ensure that the colorant is locked in the system and will not fade upon abrasion.

Test Method:
Using a 7mil gap dow bar make a drawdown lengthwise on Leneta scrub chart. Allow the film to cure for 7 days. Wrap a wooden block using muslin cloth and secure in place with tape. Next, mount the panel on a washability tester with no shims. Attach the muslin wrapped wooden block to the holder, ensuring direct contact with the surface of the paint. Spray the path with 15 ml water, then run the machine for 100 cycles. Allow the muslin cloth to dry overnight and evaluate for any discoloration on the muslin as well as any sheen or gloss changes on the drawdown.

Household Stain Removal Test

It is always recommended that EXQUISITE® be used over properly prepared and primed surfaces.

Surface Recommended Primer
Textured VINYLASTIC® Premium
Untextured VINYLASTIC® Premium
Skim-Coated VINYLASTIC® Plus
Surface Recommended Primer
Plaster, Tilt-Up Concrete, Poured-In-Place Brick, Concrete Block, Smooth Trowel EFF-STOP® Premium
Wood/Synthetic Wood
Surface Recommended Primer
Trims, Doors INTER-KOTE® Premium
Masonite INTER-KOTE® Premium
Hardboard INTER-KOTE® Premium
Surface Recommended Primer
Ferrous BLOC-RUST® Premium (Water Based)
Non-Ferrous ULTRA-GRIP® Premium