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Color + Psychology

3 Autumn Palettes To Try Inspired By These Favorite Fall Getaways

10/20/21 specs+spaces staff

Cooler temperatures and even some rain (finally!) throughout the Southwest has us grabbing for tartan blankets and pumpkin spice….well, everything. That’s why we’re taking a look at 3 autumnal color palettes inspired by these favorite fall getaways.

October Color of the Month: Deep Mystery (DE5923)

10/08/21 specs+spaces staff

The season of spooky, scary, and dare we say...mysterious happenings is officially upon us. This October’s Color of the Month is the therefore the aptly named Deep Mystery (DE5923).

Dunn-Edwards Unveils Its 2022 Color of the Year: Art and Craft (DET682)

10/05/21 Sara McLean

A timeless, versatile hue, Art and Craft (DET682) beckons us to revisit the classics. It evokes an earthy, sophisticated quality—the perfect backdrop for showcasing handmade objects and works of art.

How to Design Using Brown Paint Colors

10/04/21 Sara McLean

The color of comfort—earthy, warmth and nature—brown is a stabilizing hue that grounds a design palette. Considered an unexciting hue by some, brown has come into its own the past few years and is now a trending force in both fashion and interiors. In the right context, brown adds elegance and warmth to palettes, highlighting nature’s influence.

Warm Paint Colors: 5 Inspiring Highlights of This Trend

10/04/21 Sara McLean

Here are five illuminating highlights on the recent evolution of the warming of color.

6 Ways Palm Springs Is A Magnet For Designers and Creatives

09/30/21 specs+spaces staff

Let’s dive in and take a look at the many ways in which today’s creatives continue to find themselves charmed and inspired by Palm Springs.

Off The Wall Graffiti: How One Non-Profit is Turning Graffiti into Promise

09/21/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

In the spring of 2021 McLaughlin and a skeleton crew were invited back to Metropolitan’s campus to start work on painting the mural using Dunn-Edwards paints.

September Color of the Month: Early Harvest (DE5542)

09/08/21 specs+spaces staff

This month we celebrate Early Harvest (DE5542) as our September color of the month.The slow fade into shortening days is a constant we can bank on and Early Harvest (DE5542), a midtone olive green, reflects the aging of the vines, the last of the ready vegetables that are ripe for the picking before the frost ushers in another winter.

Rewind Design: Tips and Color Schemes For ‘70s and ‘80s Inspired Design

08/24/21 specs+spaces staff

From Better Homes and Gardens to The Spruce, design industry insiders have highlighted 1970s and 1980s aesthetics as design trends for a while now.

4 Color Palettes To Embrace the Cottagecore Design Trend

08/18/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

Cottagecore is a movement that looks to the nostalgic whimsy of “simpler times." The trend aims to connect with nature and embrace time-honored handiwork like gardening, baking, foraging and pottery making.