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Color + History

Then, Now and Forever® Collection Highlight: Meek Mansion

05/17/22 Marni Mervis

The Meek Mansion is listed in both the California Register and the National Register of Historic Places. When conservators at ARG evaluated the Meek Mansion, they found an interior color palette comprised mainly of pale blues and yellows, misty greens, and taupe-grays.

Popular Color Palettes Through The Decades: 1970s—2010s

05/11/22 Marni Mervis

Have you ever wondered exactly what color palettes defined each decade? We love looking back at the history of design and exploring exactly what cultural trends and phenomena led to the dominance of certain colors.

Poolside Gossip Color Collection: Dunn-Edwards & Grace Home Furnishings Collaboration

05/03/22 Sara McLean

In celebration of a classic moment by the pool, Dunn-Edwards is proud to have collaborated with Grace Home Furnishings on the exclusive Poolside Gossip Color Collection. Inspired by Palm Springs’ iconic 1960s and 1970s home styles, this exclusive palette pairs juicy hues with rugged landscape elementals for a study in swoon-worthy glam.

Regencycore: The Latest Design Trend Explained

05/03/22 Marni Mervis

Regencycore, is the latest design trend taking over social media and shelter publications, alike. Emerging first in 2021 after the premier of Netflix’s wildly popular series Bridgerton, set around 1813, the show’s recent return for a second season has helped catapult the aesthetic further into the mainstream.

Desert Oasis Luxury Show House: Polynesian Culture Meets Mid-Century Design

05/03/22 Sara McLean

Situated within Eldorado Estates in the luxuriously appointed Indian Wells resort community, the 2022 Desert Oasis Show House, originally designed by Architect John Walling in 1978, presented a classic mid-century design reimagined into a stunning, tropical Polynesian paradise.

Then, Now and Forever® Collection Highlight: Locke Boarding House

04/20/22 Marni Mervis

To help curate our Victorian-era colors, one of the architectural resources of the American West we looked to was California’s Locke Boarding House.

Oaklawn Manor: The 2022 Pasadena Showcase House of Design

04/12/22 Sara McLean

This year marks the 57th annual Pasadena Showcase House of Design. The Showcase House is a celebration of the best in design of Pasadena’s architectural history, and this year it returns to South Pasadena for the first time in 40 years.

Then, Now and Forever® Collection Highlight: Fallon House

03/31/22 Marni Mervis

When conservators evaluated the home, they found a color palette of oranges and blues reminiscent of California’s native landscape, from orange groves, to oceans and adobe abodes. In total, 9 colors were discovered in the Fallon House.

Maison Bleue Moderne: Featured Home at 2022 Spring Modernism Week

03/07/22 Sara McLean

A classic Krisel roofline and ocean-hued entry make the Maison Bleue Moderne stand out as a true Palm Springs gem.

Limón: A Luxurious Mid-Century Modern Boutique Hotel

03/07/22 Sara McLean

Limón, a colorful seven-bedroom private escape in south Palm Springs, was recently renovated by H3K Home+Design, who transformed the property into a holiday landing place and was recently on the home tour during Spring 2022 Modernism Week.