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Will Gen Z Yellow Oust Millennial Pink?

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Gen Z Color Palette

We all know and have grown to love the trend that is Millennial Pink. But it may be time for the soft rose hue to move over and make room for a new trend. That’s right, make way for Gen Z Yellow. You know, that yellow you’re seeing everywhere from the Color Factory, and the Museum of Ice Cream; to Beyonce’s music video for "Hold Up," to Snapchat and the Happy Place (the newest immersive, pop-up color experience to hit Los Angeles). Gen Z Yellow is a hard-to-miss fun, energetic, bright yellow.

Gen Z Yellow

Generation Z (or Gen Z, for short) is the generation that followed the Millennial cohort. They’re a group born roughly between 1995 and 2010, according to Forbes and grew up on a steady diet of tech, developing a keen social media savviness at any incredibly early age. In fact, the tail end of the cohort was quite literally born into the age of Snapchat.

Kids ball room yellow

Images provided courtesy of Color Factory


Image provided courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

The psychology of the color yellow tells us that the color has, “traditionally been symbols of joyfulness, happiness, and energy,” says Dunn-Edwards resident color expert, Sara McLean. That’s why the color is a great trend to help kick off 2018. And although it feels like Millennial Pink has been around for years, it’s a color proven to have staying power - and we aren’t quite ready to let it go yet. In fact, we think these Millennial Pink and Gen Z Yellow might just be the perfect pairing. That’s why you’ll find these two colors paired together in the palette of our 2018 Trend Story, The Stars.

Try using the powerful Gen Z Yellow as your focal point with the more subdued tones of Millennial Pink as accents. Dunn-Edwards Paints has countless variations of interior paints in Millennial Pink and Gen Z Yellow for you to choose from, here are a few of our personal favorites:

Gen Z Yellow Color Chart

These colors are composed of the highest quality paint trusted by both design experts and painting professionals. Dunn-Edwards is committed to bringing you the freshest paint colors for commercial, residential, and exterior uses. Get ahead of this color trend by using our InstaColor® app, just upload a picture or choose one from our library to give your space an instantaneous paint job.


Image provided courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

Love it? Hate it? Tell us what you think of Gen Z Yellow and generational color trends.