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September Color of the Month: Pencil Eraser

Design Trends

Come September you can feel a subtle shift in the air. September’s ability to make us aware of the changes, both within us and in our environment, is why we selected Pencil Eraser as this September’s color of the month.

While September’s not quite the New Year, it can feel like a fresh start. Kids are going back to school and meeting new friends and new challenges. When we’re older, the long, hot days of summer drawing to a close can signal the time buckle down and focus on a project.


Dunn-Edwards' Pencil Eraser, a subtle warm neutral, is a delicate way to ease into the fall season. While it’s in the pink family, the color is subdued enough to be used as a neutral base. Pink tones don’t belong to one gender either. Take a look at our exploration of Millennial Pink for an analysis of the color’s past and future.



Designing with warm neutrals
  • Add texture. Light velvets bring out the softer side of pink-hued warm neutrals. Satin sheen materials make the space feel rich and luxurious. Dunn-Edwards color expert Sara McLean says 2019 will bring a mix of soft and chic, where warm neutral bases will play a big role.
  • Use Pencil Eraser to add interest. Since it’s not a vibrant pink, the color can be used as a base. It’s also light enough to cover a smaller space without making the room feel small.
  • Colors that complement this subtle pink and serve as accents are Marshmallow Rose (DE6022) and Crisp Muslin (DE6212)
  • Go monochromatic. Like many warm neutrals, Pencil Eraser lends itself well to being paired with similar shades. Play with variants that either slightly lighter, or darker.
  • Give this color of the month an earthy feel by pairing it darker browns,.particularly in the form of wood furniture or flooring.