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Rainbows in Design: Lois O'Hara

Artistic Inspiration

The colors of the rainbow have a magical power that lifts spirits up and encourages social interaction, in person as well as virtually. During the past year and, especially in the time of COVID-19, rainbows provide much-needed escapism, inspiring happiness, joy and hope. As a result, rainbows are increasingly being incorporated into architecture and design across the globe.


Lois O’Hara’s vibrant, colorful installations represent this trend to a T, comprising mural painting, design and art direction. There is a consistent thread running through all her work a sense of fluidity, combined with her love of process and bold color combinations, making her art so recognizable.


Based in Brighton, England, O’Hara’s brand ethos explores how color can have positive effects on people and places. It also explores fluidity and capturing the movement of time. Her visual narratives and patterns are playful and positive; therefore, her artwork is influential and powerful.


She has transformed many outdoor spaces and partnered with industrial and clothing brands.


This year, O'Hara has created two gargantuan, site-specific murals in the seaside city of Brighton. The first of these is the Colourful Crossing, a public art Installation commissioned by Brighton & Hove Council a bright rainbow design which flows across the promenade near the West Pier. The second is the UK’s first Art Basketball Court designed in her ‘Wavey’ style. The Art Court was unveiled in September at Saunders Park and has been a huge hit with locals.


We hope to experience some of her incredible, colorful works in real life and to continue to see her around the world. For more information visit

Images used with Permission