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Quiz: What Your Paint Color Says About Your Space (Or: What Hue Are You?)

Design Trends

Have you ever wondered how the correlation between color and mood affects interior design? There is, in fact, a link between color, our behavior, and our psychology. As professional interior designers, painting contractors and architects, the colors you choose employ can quite literally dictate productivity, energy and more.

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Choosing a color simply because it is the hottest color trend may not be an effective choice. For example, a University of Texas study found that grays, beiges, and whites in offices cause sadness and depression, particularly among women. Thus, colors for distinct spaces should be chosen with careful consideration to the room’s desired function. As a result, when designing an office, for instance, it's best to work with cool colors, like blues and green. They are proven to stimulate efficiency and productivity because they create a mellow environment. Mix in jewel tones like Dunn-Edwards April color of the month Green Tourmaline (DET524) or Billiard Table (DEA178) to boost an office space. Green, which is tied to balance and tranquility will help you achieve your target atmosphere. Yellow too, which is tied to optimism, can be an effective color for a work space, as well. Colors like Chickadee (DE5403) are great a lifting spirits.

What does your space say about your client. Or maybe more importantly - what should it say. Before you start painting take our What Hue Are You quiz. Are they an upbeat entertainer? Do they prefer to relax and unwind?