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Neu Traditions: A Journey through Dunn-Edwards 2020 Color + Design Trends

Design Trends

Dunn-Edwards recently unveiled its 2020 trends color + design report, Optimistic Endeavors: Tales of Tomorrow. The five trend stories are highlighted through a series of video short stories, along with corresponding color palettes — so expect to see an explosion of bright, deep colors next year as we welcome in a new decade that promises to be filled with optimism and joyful life experiences.

Tales of tomorrow banner

Neu Traditions
Femininity is redefined and drawn — from activism and resistance. A reassertion of feminine identity
reflected in color with complex tones. Tradition, history and habit are turned around. In a combination of opposites, Neu Traditions is inspired by a return to traditional design with softened edges, highlighting a modern artisanal quality fused with classic elements.

Neu Traditions

In a balance of subtle contemporary with newer traditions, the design is soft and sensual yet
sculptural. Serene and sophisticated, this is the story of 2020 neutrals.

Color reflects a quiet softness reflecting a refined palette of new, slightly tinted neutrals blended with deeper navy for a soft and tender palette. Contrasted softness — grayed pastel paired with deep red and bright white in a reflection of chiaroscuro basics. Neutrals represent the kindness, sweetness and subtlety we want to see in the world. A range of these neutrals —ranging from bleached tones, to pale golds and deeper browns — represents nature’s influence. Pink shifts to peach and varied gradients representing tactile environments that are key in a high-tech world.

Neu Traditions palette

Deep blues correspond to historic veins; craftsmanship; classics; and treasures, old and new. Lighter blues epitomize the cleansing effects of water. Deeper rose-purple, the color of wine, symbolizes community
survival and harvest. Refined, sophisticated, wispy soft.

Materials and Textures
Soft silhouettes and shapes define the materials and textures for Neu Traditions. There is a new balance of subtle contemporary with overtones of tradition. Glamorous and modern, shapes are abstract and
sculptural. Proportion play is highlighted in Regency shapes and Chesterfield silhouettes, along with modern damasks and botanical florals.

Modernized applications of Dutch masters infuse oversized florals, still-life and portraits. Materials are wispy soft and ultra-rich in earthy shades and vintage tones.

Surfaces are tactile and showcase materials such as stones, pebbles and driftwood. Woods are displayed in white oak, mahogany, espresso woods, exotic burl and ebony.

Details provide substance to Neu Traditions with etched glass, milk glass, deep veining in marble, laser-etched wood carvings, gold metal and fringe — among many traditional design elements.

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