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Mural Shows Why LA's Love For Avocados Is An Affair Of The Heart

Artistic Inspiration

Last weekend Angel City Brewery celebrated its 6th annual Avocado Fest which was held in partnership with Art Share LA. In celebration of California’s state fruit and National Avocado Day, the Los Angeles-based brewery released its Avocado Ale, a refreshing Kolsch style ale. Despite the summer heat, attendees came out to watch muralists paint live art, enjoy live music and check out exciting vendors.

Painting at Avocado Fest

Dunn-Edwards Paints was a proud sponsor of Art Share LA’s live mural painting at Avocado Fest. Art Share LA artist Black Light King, a Los Angeles-based street artist was on hand painting exclusively with Dunn-Edwards paints for the art activation. Black Light King was excited to be part of this event, getting to express his new-found love for avocados and their health benefits through his art. The artist recently turned vegan, a move to which he attributes the positive change in the way he thinks, paints and perceives life. His work at Avocado Fest is a piece inspired by those very shifts. The Floating Vegan, as the piece is called, showcases the artist’s heart, as an avocado with wings, a representation of the lightness he now feels in his life. Black Light King describes his heart “as floating in clouds now.”

The artist loved working with Dunn-Edwards paint products because of their thickness. It allowed him to easily blend colors together for maximum creativity. He also noted that Dunn-Edwards paints are especially good for outdoor mural work because the colors are able to maintain their saturation and withstand the effects of weather. For his Floating Vegan mural, Black Light King utilized Northern Territory (DEA158), Vivid Violet(DE5012), Charmed Green (DEA129), Leprechaun (DEA126), Lime Twist (DEA124), Orange Burst (DEA113) and Electric Glow (DEA119).

Painting at Avocado Fest 2

Sharing his work through live painting, Black Light King notes, is very different from studio painting, where the focus is more about the details. He likens live mural painting to a performance, where he’s always thinking of his audience’s experience first. A live art activation allows for people to connect on a different level with art, a trend Black Light King hopes to see more of at summer festivals and events.