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Luxe Living at Los Diegos: Highlighting the Latest Raskind Remodel

Design Trends

Above the bustle of Sunset Boulevard sits a beautifully restored Mid-century home in the community of Los Feliz, Calif. Rebecca and Jared Raskind, the renovation dream duo we’ve been following for a while, have completed their latest project “Luxe Los Diegos.” We recently caught up with Rebecca to learn more about this gorgeous property.


Describe the home at Los Diegos and the inspiration to make it yours to redesign.
This home was built in 1966, and some of the original décor and floorplan reminded me of a sophisticated, Palm Springs rat-pack-style retreat. I pictured who might have lived in a fabulous Mid-century home of that era — and the type of lavish finishes and colors they may have used in design, etc. I loved the way the living room and main bedroom opened to the backyard, as well as the fact that the home had a pool and a view.



Please detail the process of design you took with this home and whether there were any design or architectural hurdles you faced.
We knew we wanted to revise the floorplan to create a four-bedroom, three-bathroom instead of the three-bedroom, four-bathroom. One of the initial three bedrooms was a pass-through — so it felt more like two bedrooms at the time. The new layout with four legitimate bedrooms is much more buyer-friendly for families or anyone who likes extra rooms during this work-at-home era.


We also wanted to expand the kitchen, extend the opening from the living room to the backyard with a bi-fold door, and create a new opening in the main bedroom to incorporate a second slider. This made a huge difference, as the main bedroom now feels like it has its own private patio.

What is the design aesthetic and color palette and inspiration behind it? And how did you incorporate the Dunn-Edwards 2021 Color + Trends report into the aesthetic?
The name we gave this project was “Luxe Los Diegos.” I wanted the space to feel lavish and sophisticated but also playful and chic. Immediately, we opted to add a bold pop of color on the Mid-century-inspired front door. We needed something bright and clear and ended up with Spring Garden (DE5671) from the 2021 Color + Trends report. It’s been a huge hit!


We also used Wild Blue Yonder (DE5855) on the powder room ceiling, Pacific Palisade (DE5787) in one of the guest bedrooms, and Spring Buttercup (DE5310) for the outdoor shower breezeblocks — also from the 2021 trends color palettes. The pops of clear, bright color played so well with the warm neutrals, we used them with the other finishes in the home.


Additionally, we chose Light Beige (DE6211) for the kitchen cabinets, White Daisy (DEHW02) on the walls, and At First Light (DEHW05) for the exterior white.


You used our new EXQUISITE® matte interior product. What are your thoughts on the product in its application and finished aesthetic?

The EXQUISITE matte interior went on very, very matte. It hides imperfections, and I’ve been impressed by its washability! The finished aesthetic is incredibly chic and high end.


Describe the outcome of the project? What feedback have you received?
This home got had a huge response on social media. The front door, main bathroom and outdoor shower have all gone viral on Instagram, with hundreds of shares and thousands of likes. It really speaks to the unique style of the project that so many have been inspired by its color and design.


We can’t wait to check out your next project. When can we expect?
Our next project is a bohemian estate — also in Los Feliz, Calif. — and will be completed end of this month! Can’t wait to share more.

All images with courtesy and permission of Bethany Nauert Photography