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February Color of the Month: Heart Throb

Design Trends

When we think of February, we can’t help but think of Valentine’s Day. So with that in mind, Dunn-Edwards Paints has selected Heart Throb (DET412), one of our classic reds, as our February Color of the Month. Reds and pinks elicit feelings of romance, first love, sweaty palms and well….beating hearts. With a vibrant hue like Heart Throb you can virtually hear the pulsating. It’s the perfect shade to set the tone for February.

Heart Throb

Heart Throb paint can

While ideal for this amorous month, this lively red paint is also a part of our Then, Now & Forever® line, a collection featuring 142 historically accurate colors of the American West and 158 colors trending today. This red hue perfectly lends itself to Spanish-Mediterranean, Craftsman, and Victorian architectural color palettes. As a result, Heart Throb is perfect all year round, and an ideal choice for adding character and historical context to a room. Not to mention the fact that in 2019 we can expect to see lots of daring design - accent walls are taking a step back, while painting an entire space with bold, moody colors is moving into favor.

Designing with Reds

Heart Throb 2

Red was one of the hottest colors of 2018, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Expect to see bold reds in a lot more places this year, including in the kitchen.

  • One red doesn’t have to dominate the room. Try mixing darker and lighter tones on different materials to add more depth.
  • Use it in a living or dining room as a statement color to liven up the space. Vibrant Heart Throb pairs nicely with neutrals and is part of our Spanish-Mediterranean collection.
  • Go for daring details against red walls for example, mix and match patterns or black and white artwork.
  • Colors that complement Heart Throb include Angelic Starlet (DET645) and Cameo Role (DET671).

Heart Throb 3

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