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Color Trends: Why The Biggest Color Trend Is Happening In Velvet

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Trends have a history of repeating themselves. And, when it comes to the latest trend we’re seeing come back, we’ve got no complaints. Please meet 2018’s version of this 90’s classic, velvet. From appearances at New York Fashion Week, to the top of the must-buy list for HGTV’s Home Design Director, Nancy Fire, velvet is again having moment in today’s style zeitgeist. That’s right, velvet is back and better than ever — and all over our furniture.

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History of Velvet
This rich, romantic fabric found its way into everyday use most commonly during the Renaissance. Making velvet was once an incredibly complex process, and as a result, the fabric found an audience with those of great wealth and nobility. Velvet again captured public favor during the first half of the 20th-century. The industrial revolution made this luxe fabric more readily available to the masses. Fast forward yet another 50
or so years later and velvet was a favorite fabric for the groovy-glam interior style trends of the 1970s. Most recently, in the 1990s, velvet was all the rage whether it be interiors or fashion.

Velvet, in Living Color
Perhaps as result of velvet’s association with wealth and romance, it has been seen traditionally in deep jewel-toned colors. With its current revival, velvet is proving to be more versatile than than previous applications. While velvets are still available in those alluring mainstay hues, in 2018 we’re seeing some wonderful new applications in pastels. Colors such as dusty roses (aka Millennial pinks) are trending, in establishments such as those by Roman & Williams. Looking for a Dunn-Edwards tone to carry your millennial pink velvet hues through the rest of your space? Try Rustique (DE5149), Rosy Cloud (DE5182) or Rose Reminder (DE5093).


Certain velvet colors can also add major drama. Take a look at the new NoMad Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and their grassy green velvet. It’s literally everywhere. Want to parody the look? Pair your own green velvet with Dunn-Edwards very own February color of the month, Amour (DE5104), to create a similar luxe and lush, tropical vibe to that of the hotel’s lobby.

Hotel Lobby

Image Credit: STRUKTR Studios

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Decorate With Velvet
Velvets are versatile in color and can also be used as:

  • An accent. Not only will velvet bring in color, it will also aid in adding texture and contrast to a space. Achieve this result by adding a velvet throw pillow or a blanket.
  • A neutral. If your décor is a more neutral palette, use pastel velvets to keep within your color scheme.
  • Whimsical additions. For a playroom or child’s bedroom, use bright colored velvets, like reds, yellows, or pinks to add whimsy via color pops.
  • An inexpensive revamp. Give your furniture new life by reupholstering old furniture pieces. Make benches, arm chairs, & coffee tables anew by wrapping them in velvet.

Now more than ever, velvet is accessible in every color and seamlessly transitions into different design styles. It works great in bedrooms, an office space or living area. If you’ve been thinking of adding velvets into your space, now is your time!