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Color of the Month: October Haze

Design Trends

The month of October brings with it a certain type of magic. Whether it’s pumpkin carving, toasting to good beer and good company at Oktoberfest, getting dressed up and decorating for Halloween, or other fall festivities, October has a way of drawing out our creative spirit and hunger for fun. That’s why we’ve selected October Haze (DE5171), a hue that will inspire you to create, as our Color of the Month.


By October, fall has taken hold, the sun is setting earlier, and the season has a calming, orange glow. Dunn-Edwards’ October Haze is the perfect color to spark creativity in your fall design project, be it a colorful fall accent wall or something bigger. October Haze looks like a hue lifted from a fall sunset, an invigorating orange that’s more soothing than spooky. The paint’s tan undertones give it the perfect earthy, autumn feel.


Designing with Orange Tones

  • Use October Haze to warm up the room. This friendly, inviting orange can brighten a small space or a room that doesn’t get much light.
  • Add textured accents. Neutral textured items (think a tan woven rug or boxwood beads) pair well with energizing colors like orange. Dunn-Edwards color expert, Sara McLean, predicts a renewed interest in decorating with hand-crafted items in her 2019 color+design trends report.
  • Pair it with other sunset colors. Fashion runways have featured red and orange together, a key trend that McLean predicts is coming to interior design. For inspiration, take a look at how we’ve utilized sunset colors with Target’s new Opalhouse collection.
  • Colors that compliment this softer orange are Light Beige (DE6211) and Fine Grain (DE6213). Balance it with blue. Deeper blues, like indigo and cobalt, are expected to be the hot cool colors of 2019. Combine our October Color of the Month with one of these rich, dark hues for the perfect compliment.

While perfect for October, see why this hot hue and other fall-inspired colors have all-year-round staying power.