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August Color of the Month: DE5430 Beach House

Design Trends

Why It’s August’s Color of the Month
Inspired by the dog days of summer and its crisp golden rays of sun, we’ve declared Beach House (DE5430) as one of the best paint colors for summer, and the color of the month for August. This top summer paint color is playful and will bring a fresh smile to your face as you relish those waning days of summer. Yellow is not only a top summer paint color but a color on trend in general. In fact, you’ll see a number of yellow hues popping in our latest reveal of color trends for 2020 Optimistic Endeavors: Tales of Tomorrow.

Beach House: color of the month

The Impact of Yellow Paint on Emotion
Yellows are optimistic, they’re also known for helping to stimulate creativity and enliven environments. Painting a space, or a door, with yellow can go along way towards cultivating those carefree, creative vibes of summer all year round. Yellow colors are also, trending colors when it comes to travel destinations. Dunn-Edwards color expert and stylist, Sara McLean, notes that sunset colors, such as yellow, and beach locales
like Mexico and Panama have and will continue to trend as destinations.

Umbrella: Yellow Paint on Emotion

Designing With Fun Yellows
This top yellow paint color is also great for adding warmth to a space that feels cold or gets little light. Accompany Beach House with sufficient interior lighting to ensure a fun and bright space.

Designing With Fun Yellows

Beach House paint

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