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Artistic Inspiration

This San Diego Artist Gave Her Living Room ‘70s Style Pool Party Makeover

04/15/22 Marni Mervis

San Diego-based artist Sarah Stieber is known for her modern, figurative paintings. Bold colors, a frequent presence of water, and strong female subjects, her work carries a signature style to be sure.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: Paris, a Pandemic and the Process of Design

04/12/22 Marni Mervis

Edwards aims to cultivate a design practice both in Los Angeles and Paris as she looks to the future. Noting an important takeaway from her family’s legacy is that it’s possible to create something that you’re passionate about at a large scale that still makes its employees feel like members of a family.

How One Mystical Mural Is Uniting Strangers and Friends Alike In Palm Desert

02/22/22 Marni Mervis

Cuevas began this series of murals, including Crystal Field, early after shelter-in-place orders went into effect in California in 2020.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: A Design Career Delayed but Never Denied

02/07/22 Marni Mervis

For Ricardo Montanez, becoming a designer is perhaps made all the sweeter because it did not happen fast—it was delayed but never denied.

Winter Color Crush: 4 Palettes For New Year Inspiration

01/25/22 specs+spaces staff

Don’t let the long days or dark skies get you down, here are six winter-inspired color palettes to get your New Year off to a creative start.

Off The Wall Graffiti: A Year of Transforming COVID into Color and Conversations

01/10/22 specs+spaces staff

We’re diving into OTW’s most recent work with two additional schools, Zane Grey High School and John R. Wooden High School, to see how the small act of painting can leave an impactful mark.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: Work-Life Balance On a Design Road Less Traveled

12/06/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

For Lainez, who spent several years as a Dunn-Edwards Professional Color Advisor (PCA), life is all about finding the balance—whether it be at home with her family or in the workplace with her career.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: A Tale of Two Design Competition Winners

11/01/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

Dunn-Edwards is proud to announce the winners of our inaugural design challenge, the 2021 Emerging Professionals Design Competition: students Callie Welsh (Savannah College of Art and Design) and Helen Hoang (University of Cincinnati).

Off The Wall Graffiti: How One Non-Profit is Turning Graffiti into Promise

09/21/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

In the spring of 2021 McLaughlin and a skeleton crew were invited back to Metropolitan’s campus to start work on painting the mural using Dunn-Edwards paints.

Dunn-Edwards Portraits: Former Architecture Student Carves Her Own Artistic Path

08/31/21 Carolyn Neuhausen

The founder of the multidisciplinary Betty Larkin design studio says if only she knew then what she knows now, she’d have approached things differently.