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specs+spaces staff

Is White Paint A Tool To Help Fight Climate Change?

09/15/21 specs+spaces staff

White paint has the ability to reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it as darker colors do, therefore keeping all things that are painted white, naturally cooler

September Color of the Month: Early Harvest (DE5542)

09/08/21 specs+spaces staff

This month we celebrate Early Harvest (DE5542) as our September color of the month.The slow fade into shortening days is a constant we can bank on and Early Harvest (DE5542), a midtone olive green, reflects the aging of the vines, the last of the ready vegetables that are ripe for the picking before the frost ushers in another winter.

Rewind Design: Tips and Color Schemes For ‘70s and ‘80s Inspired Design

08/24/21 specs+spaces staff

From Better Homes and Gardens to The Spruce, design industry insiders have highlighted 1970s and 1980s aesthetics as design trends for a while now.

Then, Now, and Forever® Collection Highlight: Bidwell Mansion

08/12/21 specs+spaces staff

Bidwell sought a place in Victorian society and built a mansion for himself and his wife Anne. The home is a stellar example of Italianate Victorian architecture.

How COVID Spurred This Interior Designer’s Own Kitchen Redesign

07/27/21 specs+spaces staff

Shalena Smith of Shalena Smith Interiors and Gaga Designs does not mince words and is not afraid to describe her kitchen pre-renovation as “just old.”

Classic American Getaways Inspired These Summer Color Palettes

07/19/21 specs+spaces staff

The dog days of summer are here and with our newfound ability to dine inside restaurants, visit attractions and travel, we’re reveling in the popular places Americans go to for vacation.

Beyond The Red White and Blue: A Look At Color and The Olympic Games

07/14/21 specs+spaces staff

We’re taking a look back at past Olympic games - from their logos, to their athletic wear, and the ceremonies themselves - to explore some of the best and most unexpected Olympic color palettes.

An Eye on the Future: Dunn-Edwards Launches Student Design Competition

06/07/21 specs+spaces staff

Attention student designers! Dunn-Edwards Paints is proud to announce its inaugural design competition — the 2021 Emerging Professionals Design Competition — which challenges students to create a compelling design for a residential or commercial client.