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These are some of the top exterior color combinations from Perfect Palette.® They beautify and protect the finest homes throughout the Southwest. Use them for inspiration as you choose the perfect color to express your vision.


Things to Consider When Painting Exteriors

  • If you like the current color of a wall, trim or accent, use it as a starting point and pick complementary colors.
  • If you have a distinct style of home, research traditional color schemes. They can provide time-tested ideas for colors that work well.
  • Use the color of your home’s brick, siding, stone and roof to provide cues when selecting color. Pick colors that complement these features.
  • Choose a color scheme that blends with the neighborhood. If you belong to a homeowners’ association, check to see if there are any color restrictions.
  • Because colors may appear different depending on the time of day, paint a section of the house where wall, trim and accent colors can be viewed together. Then check them throughout the day to see how they look.
  • To highlight architectural details, such as shutters and columns, choose a color that contrasts with the wall of the house. For example, if the wall of your house is a light color, choose a darker color.
  • You can minimize attention to unattractive elements, such as downspouts, air conditioning units, vents and gutters, by painting them the same color as the wall of the house or by choosing a trim color that is a similar shade.
  • Find inspiration in your own backyard. Touring your neighborhood is a great way to get ideas for colors that will work with your home.

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