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Interior Projects

Highlighting a range of color schemes broken down by room type. From living and dining rooms to kitchens, baths and bedrooms, the color schemes provide easy options for a variety of home designs.

Architectural Styles

Presenting a range of color schemes broken down by leading architectural styles of the American West. From Spanish-Mediterranean and Craftsman styles to Ranch, Desert Modern and Mid-century Modern, the color schemes provide simple solutions for your specific architectural style.


Our Interiors color card highlights a range of our most popular interior colors across the color spectrum.


Our Exteriors color card displays a range of color schemes to suit a variety of architectural styles.

Warm / Cool Neutrals

Showcasing a variety of our most popular-selling warm neutrals and cool neutrals.

Kitchens / Baths

These spaces are built for function and are the most-used rooms of the home. The kitchen, built for cooking as well as entertaining, allows for a wide range of color personalities from traditional to modern. The baths, from powders to masters, can display a range of color choices from bold and dramatic to spa or neutral palettes.

Master Bedrooms / Home Offices / Retreats

These private spaces provide opportunity to design with personal color favorites. Personal sanctuaries and places of work and rest give the homeowner space to play with restful or playful color.

Loft / Mid-Century Modern

Displaying a range of color ideas for mid-century modern and contemporary designs. Mid-century modern homes, characterized by post-and-beam construction and a love of indoor-outdoor living, creates ample opportunity for retro and modern color designs to shine.

Spanish-Mediterranean / Craftsman / Victorian

Displaying a range of color ideas for the most noted historic architectural styles of the American West. Constantly delivering waves of revival and updates, these architectural styles will continue to prove integral to the American West design landscape.

Ranch / Desert Modern

Displaying a range of color ideas for Ranch and Desert Modern designs. Ranch homes, designed for informal and casual living as well as indoor-outdoor entertaining, are perfect for color that creates a laid-back feeling. Desert Modern homes, designed for the harsh desert conditions of the American West, allow for intense and bold color choices as well as nature-based coloring.

Living Rooms / Dining Rooms

These rooms are built for entertaining guests and showcase the design personalities of the homeowners. Color helps to set the mood from formal to casual.


Introducing An Exhibition of Color, our 2021 color+design trends report. The warp speed of information and dizzying pace of change have led us to collectively refocus on timeless, universal and inventive themes. Melding old and new, local and global, we forge ahead with the hope that a fresh approach will lead us to stability.


Introducing Optimistic Endeavors: Tales of Tomorrow, our 2020 color + design trends. 2020 takes us on a journey filled with optimistic endeavors, highlighting inspiring ideas for color and design. As we look to a new decade, advances in science and technology, global views and generational change lead us to new identities. We’re on a future mission to leave the world a better place, while fully immersing ourselves in the present along the way.


Once Upon a Time, in 2019… we see a quest for balance. Creativity is king. People search for soothing escapes and opportunities to relax and play. Empowered with hue, value and chroma, we combine past and future, painting beautiful new worlds into existence. These are our Spirited Journeys.


As we look forward to trends for next year, we recognize the continuing pursuit of individualism, living an inventive and genuine life and, of course, following our dreams. 2018 is about celebration — of our past, our present and our future — from memories, to nature, the stars, adventure and childhood delights.


A desire to start over and reach for the stars inspired our 2017 colors trends. After a long period of reflection the past few years and living with the basics, we need to liberate imaginations and explore new and exciting territories. Healthy spirits fill with wonder, leading us to redesign and reinvent, as well as harness the power of adventure, creativity, innovation, globetrotting and living a life of joy.


Home is where the heart is — and nothing is truer than that for 2016. Whether you're looking for the romance of opulence, the simplicity of ranch life, or just for quiet and tranquility, 2016 is designed to take you right where you belong. Welcome home!


2015: A Journey of Discovery color and design trends report, takes us to the far reaches of the globe, seeking out new wonders and inviting us to pause to reflect, find answers and be inspired.


Simply Enlightenment 2014 color and design trends report, is a movement brought on by a period of reflection and need for reform using reason and scientific knowledge.


Simply Renaissance 2013 color and design trends report, is a movement brought on by a period of pessimism and nostalgia for the mid-20th century, while new scientific discoveries, inventions, massive changes to the American landscape and innovations in medicine, art, politics permeate.